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Construction is at the core of HCD Group. It’s who we are and what we do—and that makes all the difference. Not only is it the driving force behind all of our services, we are one of a select few general contractors in the area offering a complete line of Pre-Construction services.

We are recognized for a reputation of providing construction solutions from beginning to end. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Master planning

  • Commercial Construction

  • Residential Construction


As General Contractors with vast experiences in Building Shells we also offer Core & Shell Services. This means we come in as a sub-contractor to the General Contractor or as a Core & Shell Contractor to an Owner-Builder to take care of the project from Site Work to Completion of all Shell Work (Concrete/Steel/Rough Carpentry). 


Value Engineering is used to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving functionality and quality of the project. Our clients invest in their construction needs and working along with the clients, interior designers, and architects HCD Group can decrease unwanted costs while satisfying the product’s performance requirements. 

Value Engineering includes:

  • Identifying High-Cost elements that are not providing value to the project.

  • Proposing alternates to those high-cost elements

  • Propose Cost-Effective methods of construction to meet the owner's bottom line with a similar end-looking-product. 

  • Constructability Review if Final Drawings are provided.

At this stage, we work with you to choose all materials to be used during construction, as well as the finishing touches like shower fixtures, etc. Our goal is to maximize our client’s investment while providing the best possible finishes.


Turn information into insights and solutions. Building Information Modeling is a digital modeling process that provides deep insight and foresight to help plan design and construction, and manage large projects.

With HCD Group’s BIM services, engineers, architects and contractors can collaborate with ease and eliminate errors. When changes occur, everyone is aware and information is captured, tracked and accessible to all parties from nearly anywhere in the world and at any time. This information streamline reduces reworks and field coordination conflicts, ultimately increasing accuracy, efficiencies and accountability.

HCD Group takes great pride in being one of the few companies in South Florida with Building Information Modeling capabilities. Our team, which includes BIM-certified members, is versed in these leading-edge practices, which has poised HCD Group to solidify our reputation as one of the premier builders in South Florida.


Time. It’s the intangible currency of every construction project. How time is managed makes the difference between whether you see budgets skyrocket or your project spiral out of control. This is why at HCD Group we’ve developed a proven method for project planning, scheduling and budgeting.

As General Contractors ourselves we feel we are the perfect fit to help you manage your project, whether a General Contractor is on board or the project is DIY. 

Whether you are a developer, project manager, architect or owner, we have the experience and the tools to lead or supplement your team’s expertise. Call on us for concept planning, project management or owner's representation. 

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