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Materials Trending on Luxury Homes

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

When it comes to Luxury Material Selections is everything and it can make a big difference in your project overall budget. As a GC specializing in Luxury Homes here is a list of materials I see trending in the High-End world and some tips on how to integrate them on projects with not so lavish budgets. #trendingmaterials

1. HONED Materials

Whether is Marble, Limestone, Granite or even Porcelain the trend is to go Honed vs the typical Polished products. Most Architects and Interior Designers that I come in contact with prefer it, it provides a more modern look to the space.

Honed Porcelain Flooring

2. Slabs Vs Tiles (Porcelain or Marble)

It has now become the new ultra-luxury standard to install marble in Slabs format in bathrooms and entry areas/lobby. Pay attention to the lobby areas of all the new residential towers in the Miami area, they all have slabs installed making beautiful design features. Now the single-family market has adopted the same concept, slabs equal luxury. Please be aware that installing marble in a bathroom using slabs can be more than 5 times the cost of installation 24"x 48" pieces. Slabs are usually more expensive per SF and you have the added cost of custom layout and fabrication of each piece, plus the handling or a full slab by hand! Its very detailed work that requires expert in the subject, therefore very costly, but so worth it if it fits your budget!

TIP # 1 - If you really like the look of a bathroom using slabs but the budget is just too much consider using Porcelain Slabs vs Marble Slabs, the material is not that much less but the installation is because the slabs are less than half the weight so the manpower needed to manipulate them is much less.

3. Exposed Decorative Concrete

Most Plans I receive these days to bid for New Construction Luxury Homes in Miami have in some shape or form Exposed Concrete. It has become the "Hot" thing to have on your custom home. Exposed Concrete can be very simple if you like the rough look of concrete or it can become a project on its own if the desired look is some sophisticated. We are currently doing 2 houses with different designs of Exposed Concrete that I absolutely love, but it can become very pricey the more picky the client gets about the desired look. Also, there is always a level of risk because once poured there is very little that can be done to change it. See below images of the latest Exposed Concrete we have done in the Miami Area. #exposedconcrete

TIP # 1 = Faux Exposed Concrete - There are companies that do faux exposed concrete and if you like the smooth perfect look this is a great alternative. There is also a product I came across last year that looks just like it, it has to be applied by someone that knows how to apply stucco/plaster. #fauxexposedconcrete #fauxconcrete

TIP # 2 = Add Additives to the Concrete for a better look, unless you or your client like a really rough look. Cost:Value Ratio definitely worth it.


Scroll the Images below for Examples of Slabs Vs Porcelain Tile and Different Exposed Concrete Walls we are currently doing at #HCDGROUP

More trending materials to come...

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