Construction Services in Miami

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is used to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving functionality and quality of the project. Our clients invest in their construction needs and working along with the clients, interior designers, and architects HCD Group can decrease unwanted costs while satisfying the product’s performance requirements. This doesn’t mean the project is not high-quality because it’s cheaper, it means that we have found ways to be more costs-effective without affecting the end result of our products and services.

Value Engineering includes:

  • We identify the elements which we believe are high-costs
  • We analyze those elements and their function
  • We then determine alternative solutions for those elements being cost-effective
  • We analyze the alternatives and the cost to determine the highest likelihood of success. 

At this stage, we work with you to choose all materials to be used during construction, as well as the finishing touches like shower fixtures, etc. Our goal is to maximize our client’s investment while providing the best possible finishes.