Design and Build Company in Miami


Design-build is a method by which our firm seamlessly executes and controls the entire process from concept and design to construction and finishes. As a design-build firm we work under a single contract, integrating the roles of the designers and builder. Choosing a one-stop design-construction firm offers a vast list of advantages, and unburdening our customers from being middleman between designers and general contractors is definitely one of the greatest perks—and one focus that places us at the top of firm lists.

HCD Group together with licensed and certified architects and designers has been a full-service design-build firm since our start. We know the ins and outs of the entire process—which means we recognize that while designing and building a beautiful home or a commercial property brings a stunning result, the journey there is not always as glamorous.

That’s why our team uses every bit of its combined skills to offer clarity and predictability in budgets, schedules and production quality. Although the vision of the final product is what fuels our team, we understand that the easier we make the process, the better experience our customer will have.