Construction Services in Miami


Time. It’s the intangible currency of every construction project. How time is managed makes the difference between whether you see budgets skyrocket or your project spiral out of control. This is why at HCD Group we’ve developed a proven method for project planning, scheduling and budgeting.

We start with the end in mind. Each project begins with a kick-off meeting, where we assess the risks and possible roadblocks—from design and county construction regulations, to personnel, weather conditions, contracts and other less conspicuous challenges. More so, if the project is the correct size, we take advantage of being one of the few construction companies in South Florida with experience and certified professional in Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.

Whether you are a developer, project manager, architect or owner, we have the experience and the tools to lead or supplement your team’s expertise. Call on us for concept planning, sustainability consulting and complete managing support.